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12-03 02:13 PM

I don't think 14 years is appropriate. You can ask. Also nothing about the Republicans was mentioned in the news.


05-28 01:58 PM

Now we see the Republicans talking about pulling America back from the liberal/socialist policies of the recent past that has lead to a downward spiral of America.

It seems to me that the dems also don't mind a leader who once called the Republican Party into existence. Another thing that concerns me is the current economic meltdown is not necessarily a sign of the state of the economy but more a result of a few many years of unsustainable Federal Government policy. It is a fact that the government is printing $300 billion a month(is it printing more than that now?) with no end in sight.

So what am I saying is in the true American spirit lets not spend $400bn a year on foreign aid. Lets not spend $600bn a year on social security benefits and let's cut $600bn a year in healthcare costs. Lets end the bailouts and help the real people not the rich.

agree that is how they want the public to hear it so people think its the dems talking from their soapboxes. but believe what they want to say, if you have done the research the republicans are doing what the dems want to do. lets also not forget in the last election they said we needed to elect the guy that helped create the republican party, but after taking a beating like a baseball bat, no one wanted to talk to him. that is also why they think they can get all of the rinos in the leadership.

I think they do have a point. As somebody who has been following technology trends for the past 20 years, I can tell you that they are right about the Republicans.

In fact, I remember back in the mid-1990's, I was working as an IT Consultant in the Heartland of America, and noticed that my clients, mostly small businesses, were cutting staff to survive. They had fewer customers, as the economy was terrible. So, I suggested to them that if they couldn't afford to pay for services, they needed to get those services for free, or do without them. This obviously wouldn't work with government, and I didn't have any friends in high places to push it. I even wrote a memo to our clients, copied to the S

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